BREAKING: Seattle mall shooter NOT “Hispanic,” was born in…

On Friday night, a young man walked into the Cascade Shopping Mall in Burlington, WA and killed four women and a man.

Authorities were quick to say a. this was not a terror attack and b. the shooter looked “Hispanic.”

Well, well, well.

Thankfully the shooter is now in custody. We know him as twenty-year-old Arcan Cetin.

He was born in Turkey.

USA Today says Cetin immigrated to the United States with his family as a child.

Despite rumors about Islamic terrorism, authorities said during a news conference late Saturday there is no evidence of the shooting being terror-related.

The motive remains unclear, but law enforcement sources told KING-TV Cetin’s ex-girlfriend used to work at the Macy’s where the shooting happened. However, she has not worked there in months and now lives in another county.

He also has a criminal record.

Cetin was involved in a number of cases in recent years, according to the Washington court database.

Cetin has faced three assault charges related to domestic violence, the Seattle Times reported. They involved his father.

A judge told Cetin Dec. 29 he could not possess a firearm, the Times reported. His stepfather convinced the judge not to include a no-contact order because Cetin was “going through a hard time.”
Cetin also has an arrest on a drunken driving charge, the Times reported.

He’s certainly going to be having a “hard time” now. And the families of the five people he murdered are also “going through a hard time.”

And we shall soon see how the mainstream media tries to spin this into a sympathetic tale of a jilted boyfriend. After all, it was the gun’s fault.

[Note: This article was written by Michele Hickford]

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