BREAKING: Charlotte police release video of shooting [GRAPHIC]

Well, you can judge for yourself. Here is the video the Charlotte police released of the Keith Scott shooting.

NBC reports, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police released the body cam and dash cam video of the Keith Scott shooting Saturday evening.

The video was released to the media at 6:30 p.m.

“There is no single piece of evidence that proves all the complexity of this case,” Putney said.

The body cam and dash cam video will be released within the next 30 minutes. Putney said some video will be released Saturday and more will be released after the prosecutor decides it ok.

“I stand behind the facts of this case,” Putney said.

CMPD will also release information about other evidence found at scene.

Putney said he decided to release the video Saturday because, “I now have assurance that there is no adverse impact on the investigation.”

When asked if the officers will face charges, Putney responded, “Officers are absolutely not being charged (by me) and based on what we see, he (Keith Scott) absolutely was in possession of a handgun.”

Putney said it was not lawful for Scott to possess a firearm.

“When you’re in possession of marijuana and in possession of a gun, that is a public safely issue,” Putney said.

In a release distributed by CMPD with the evidence, officers witnessed Scott rolling what they believed to be a marijuana “blunt.” Police say that the officers did not consider Scott’s drug activity to be a priority at the time and resumed warrant operations. A short time later, Officer Vinson saw Scott hold up a gun, which CMPD says gave him probable cause to arrest him for the drug violation and further investigate his possession of the gun.

Clearly, there’s more we need to know. Tragically, Charlotte will likely brace for more unrest…

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