HORRIFIC: Look what Charlotte protestors did to CNN reporter ON AIR

Riots in Charlotte have resulted in North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory declaring a state of emergency and deploying the national guard. The riots are over a police shooting of Keith Lamong Scott, a black man who police say was armed and told to drop his weapon prior to being shot. Many are using this as yet another example of police “racism,” despite the fact that the officer who shot Scott was also black.

After experiencing their violence firsthand, even the media won’t be able to give them the watered-down title of “protester” for long. One CNN reported was assaulted on air:

WCCB Charlotte reported that rioters attempted to throw a journalist photographing the events into a fire.

And yes, there’s video (watch with caution):

Rioters also found it appropriate to kick a homeless man to the ground.

And also to beat a white man, begging for mercy in a parking garage:

Barack Obama has called the mayors of Charlotte and Tulsa on Wednesday, but hasn’t publicly addressed this violence. Such riots are a reflection of his legacy on race, and he doesn’t want to remind us that this is the legacy Hillary promises to continue.

[Note: This post was written by The Analytical Economist]


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