Hillary’s RESPONSE to Charlotte police shooting speaks VOLUMES…

Yet again, riots broke out in an American city following an officer-involved shooting. Forty-three-year-old Keith Lamont Scott, a black man, was shot on Tuesday in an apartment complex parking lot in Charlotte, NC, as police were there to serve an arrest warrant to another man.

There are two competing narratives, one put out by Scott’s family — that Scott was unarmed and reading a book in his car while he was shot. Police maintain Scott exited his vehicle with a firearm. According to Blue Lives Matter, a gun was recovered at the scene, and officers say a book wasn’t. Police Chief Kerr Putney of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg County Police Department said Scott was given “loud, clear, verbal commands, which were also heard by many of the witnesses,” to drop his weapon.

During last night’s riots, “protesters” looted trucks trying to pass through, along with a Walmart; destroyed police vehicles; threw rocks at cars; and injured 12 police officers.

And who did Hillary Clinton decide to side with in this situation? If not overtly supporting the rioters actions, she most unabashedly sided with their narrative. (Perhaps President Obama might want to chide Hillary not to “get ahead of the investigation,” as he chided the media and the public when we dared suggest the pressure cookers planted in New York and New Jersey were bombs planted by a terrorist — and that a man stabbing shoppers who admitted they were not Muslim was also a terrorist. Nah, when it comes to Black Lives Matter protests, facts and investigations are beside the point, even rather inconvenient.)

Of course, Hillary Clinton has already made it quite clear where our men and women in blue will rank if, God forbid, Hillary were to succeed in her presidential bid. Her statements today only further reinforce that lawless race-baiters will be allowed, even condoned, while law enforcement will be guilty until proven innocent — and, hey, even after being proven innocent in some cases.

Hillary undoubtedly would like to make this a race issue, but like the recent police shooting of Sylville Smith — whose officer-involved death led to riots in Milwaukee — the officer who shot Scott was also black. As an investigation into the incident unfolds, we may find evidence that the unjustified use of police force narrative Scott’s family’s espousing is correct. However, even if that proves to be the case, this is hardly the racial issue that the racial demagogues in the media would like it to be.

[Note: This post was written by The Analytical Economist]


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