SMOKING GUN: New messages from Hillary’s IT guy reveal…

When Hillary Clinton was asked if she wiped her private email server, she famously replied “like with a cloth?” She was playing dumb – because as it later turned out, she knew very well what wiping a server entailed. It was revealed by late August that she’d used a service called BleachBit to wipe tens of thousands of emails from her server in a way that “even God wouldn’t be able to read them,” to quote Trey Gowdy.

It now turns out the Hillary team may have turned to the message board Reddit to seek out advice on how to do away with those emails. To quote from some fascinating reporting from HotAirTwo years ago, on July 24, 2014, a reddit member who goes by “stonetear” posted this plea for tech advice:


That post has since been deleted — along with many others by stonetear — but you’ll find an archived version here.

Someone rediscovered that post, noticed the unusual request regarding “VERY VIP” email records, and apparently wondered if stonetear might be Paul Combetta, the Platte River Networks tech who worked on Hillary Clinton’s email server and recently received immunity from the feds for his testimony about it. A group investigation revealed that “stonetear” also appears in an email address and an Etsy page linked to Combetta. There’s also compelling circumstantial evidence floating around connecting stonetear to a specific street in Rhode Island on which Paul Combetta owns a home. There’s no smoking-gun proof that he’s stonetear but it sure looks like it’s him.

Another interesting post by stonetear is dated December 10, 2014:


What makes that one, and the July 24th post, interesting? U.S. News & World Report explains: On July 23, 2014, the House Select Committee on Benghazi had reached an agreement with the State Department on the production of [Hillary Clinton’s] records, according to an FBI report released earlier this month on the bureau’s probe of her email use… The FBI report says that Cheryl Mills, a longtime Clinton aide and attorney, requested in December 2014 that the email retention policy be shortened to 60 days. The FBI report says Mills “instructed [redacted] to modify the email retention policy on Clinton’s e-mail account” but that “according to [redacted] he did not make these changes to Clinton’s account until March 2015.”

Oddly enough, stonetear seems to have been interested in precisely the same recordkeeping issues that Paul Combetta would have been interested in with Hillary Clinton as his client at precisely the same times that he would have been most interested. (Combetta apparently forgot to implement the 60-day retention policy mentioned in the December 10th reddit post, leading to his “oh-sh*t moment” in March 2015 where he nuked old emails on the server with BleachBit.) Equally oddly, all traces of stonetear seem to be disappearing from reddit this afternoon, now that members there are sifting through his archive of posts:

This is all speculative so far, but if true, goes to prove that even those who surround Hillary Clinton are part of her culture of corruption.

[Note: This post was authored by Matt Palumbo. Follow him on Twitter @MattPalumbo12]


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