OOPS: Hillary just said 6 words that should ELECT Trump…

While Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton had been enjoying a somewhat comfortable lead in the polls since the launch of the general election, her lead has been slipping — even disappearing lately.

And some of her latest comments involving her qualifications to combat terrorism may have just handed Trump a victory come November.

Hot on the heels of a what surely appears to be yet more terrorist attacks carried out in three different states, Clinton spoke yesterday about how she knows exactly how to handle these hooligans — not her word, but the one that should be used when referring to these disgusting individuals. She went on to bash GOP rival Donald Trump, stating his anti-Muslim rhetoric is what’s inspiring crazed Islamic radicals to join groups like ISIS.

This is rich.

And in just six words — “I know how to do this” — Hillary reminds us all exactly why she should not be elected president and put in charge of overseeing our counterterrorism efforts.

According to TheBlaze, The Democratic presidential candidate touted her national security credentials at a hastily arranged news conference outside her campaign plane, accusing Republican Trump for using the incidents to make “some kind of demagogic point.”

“I’m the only candidate in this race who’s been part of the hard decisions to take terrorists off the battlefield,” Clinton, a former secretary of state, told reporters. “I have sat at that table in the Situation Room.”

She added: “I know how to do this.”

Clinton and her team see her foreign policy experience as a key selling point for her candidacy. On the campaign trail, she frequently invokes her role in the 2011 raid that killed Osama bin Laden, describing to voters the tense atmosphere in the White House alongside President Barack Obama.

But while much of the foreign policy establishment has rallied around Clinton, Trump’s anti-immigrant rhetoric, promises to close U.S. borders and vows to aggressively profile potential terrorists have fueled his presidential bid.

“Knock the hell out of ‘em,” Trump told “Fox and Friends” in a phone interview Monday morning.

“We’re not knocking them, we’re hitting them once in a while; we’re hitting them in certain places. We’re being very gentle about it. We’re going to have to be very tough,” Trump told Fox News Channel.”

Say what you will about Trump, but this particular statement regarding how to properly deal with evil scum terrorists is absolutely correct. These individuals understand one language: brute force. Give them a boot to the backside and watch how quickly the world stabilizes.

As for Hillary, there’s no way on this earth she could possibly be serious regarding her experience at the State Department being a positive mark on her resume.

Isn’t this the same woman who was instrumental in pulling out of Iraq and destabilizing Libya — and then denied Benghazi was an attack carried out by radical jihadists, all for political gain?

The same woman who actually provided arms to terrorists? The one who brags about her role in the so-called Iran deal, whereby the U.S. opened up billions — including hundreds of millions paid to them directly by us — to the number one global state sponsor of terrorism? The one who wants to bring even more “refugees” from terrorist hotbeds into the U.S. — with the full knowledge that we’re not able to properly vet them?

We didn’t even mention Egypt, the Russian reset… the list goes on.

And we’re now reaping some of the fruits of Hillary Clinton’s policies in the form of San Bernardino, Boston, Orlando and now New York, New Jersey and Minnesota.

No… we’ve seen what Hillary Clinton “knows how to do” when it comes to terrorism — and we can’t afford any more of it.

[Note: This article was written by Michael Cantrell]

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