What this player did during the national anthem is blowing up the Internet

With all the flag-hating hoopla coming out of the NFL — thanks Colin Kaepernick — it’s always nice to see a fresh display of respect and patriotism for one’s home country.

Unfortunately, thanks to professional athletes and their liberal handlers, it’s now become hip and cool to diss the red, white, and blue, and this attitude has spread across the nation, even invading children’s sports.

Just when it seems like folks have lost their marbles, along comes a football player who decides to do something super classy, a move those who get paid millions to play the game should emulate.

According to AOL.Com, A young football player from Orem who recently underwent surgery is getting recognition online after he rose from a wheelchair and struggled to stand during the national anthem at Friday night’s game.

Riley Jensen, whose Twitter bio lists him as a member of Alta High School’s coaching staff, posted a couple of photos of a player on the opposing side Friday night during the national anthem.

Jensen said he didn’t know the individual, but tweeted “impressive effort young man.” The photos show #65 bracing himself with one arm and leaning slightly on a wheelchair as he stands with several others on the sidelines during “The Star Spangled Banner.”

That young man was 16-year-old Carson Geddes, a junior at Orem High School who plays defensive end for the Tigers. Carson told Fox 13 News he wasn’t feeling his best after the recent surgery, but he wanted to be there at the game to support his team. He said when he heard the anthem begin, he felt he should stand.

“Standing up was a little hard, so I had to lean on my wheelchair a little bit, definitely wasn’t feeling too good by the end of the song,” he said. “It was hurting pretty bad that night, right after surgery, so I didn’t feel too good. But I felt like I just should stand up, like that was the right thing to do.”

“I’m really patriotic…. that’s probably the main reason, just because I love my country and I really respect the people who fight to keep our country the way it is, and for our flag, so it’s just out of respect for those people,” he said. “I just felt, it’s just what I do.”

A nice young man who had a horrifically painful surgery, yet stood for the flag out of love of country?

They do exist!

Then again, it’s likely some liberal will say he was just celebrating his “white privilege” and is just one more example of the horrible white male patriarchy that’s responsible for all sorts of outrageous oppression.

So, for all of the professional athletes out there who will read this — if you know any, feel free to tag them when you share it — this fine young gentleman has a great example of how you show your country and its flag the proper respect.

Perhaps y’all should take some notes.

[Note: This article was written by Michael Cantrell]


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