Black Lives Matter claims police are RACIST because they didn’t KILL bomber

It seems the Black Lives Matter crowd are perpetually offended by one thing or another, but their “black” mouthpiece Shaun King might have just given the most ridiculous example of “outrage” ever.

According to King, the police are now racist because they didn’t shoot and kill terror suspect Ahamd Khan Rahami.

Yes, that’s right, ladies and gentleman. The police exercise restraint and are still labeled as murderous bigots.

Excuse me, Mr. King, but your cop-hate is showing.

Truth Revolt reports, Writing for the New York Daily News, race hustler Shaun King posited that the fact police officers took down terror suspect Ahmad Khan Rahami without killing him proves racism exists in the police force. To King, this signals that law enforcement is perfectly capable of subduing a suspect without killing that person, restraint he claims is not shown to members of the black community. King writes:

Police in Linden, New Jersey did something truly amazing today.

I’m not being sarcastic. After Ahmad Khan Rahami was suspected of planting bombs in Manhattan and New Jersey on Saturday, the FBI put out an APB on the 28-year-old Rahami and warned that he could be armed and dangerous. It turns out that was true.

Police located Rahami in Linden, N.J. Two officers were shot during the confrontation. One was saved because of their vest and another got grazed in the face by a bullet. In spite of all of this, those officers and others found a way to arrest Rahami without blowing his head off. It’s amazing, but surely that was not an accident. Somebody somewhere wanted Rahami to be brought alive for questioning.

King goes on to say that he is “glad” police did not kill Rahami as “they’ll be able to question him and learn his motives or see if he was a part of a network of some kind.” He even gives the police credit for “putting their lives on the line for us today.” Still, King said he can’t help but observe that blacks don’t receive the same treatment from police that Rahami did.

King, who “identifies” as black (though he is not, really), and is among Black Lives Matter’s most vocal supporters, has made a career fomenting racial tensions. After his brief “hat tip” to the police for the way they handled Rahami, King enumerated the latest spate of what he considers police brutality against undeserving African American men — all of whom, he writes, “received firing squads who served as judge, jury, and executioner in one fell swoop.”

Maybe if they [these black men who were shot and killed by officers] had shot up a movie theater or a church or planted a bomb in Chelsea — they’d all be alive right now, but somebody would have to actually have wanted to take them in alive. Black folk don’t get that treatment.

At one point in his piece, King asked, “can African-Americans all over the country get a little of that Ahmad Khan Rahami treatment?”

What, exactly, do cops have to do to prove they aren’t crazed, maniacal racists bent on the destruction of minorities?

Should they just stop arresting people of any color other than white?

Seems to me there’s just no way for law enforcement to win.

How about the police just do their jobs to the best of their abilities, obeying the Constitution and respecting people’s rights?

Shouldn’t be that hard. In a perfect world.

[Note: This article was written by Michael Cantrell]


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