WOW: Trump hits new HIGH; Obama blames…

As we’ve been steadily reporting over the past week or so, GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump has been steadily closing the erstwhile gap in the polls between himself and rival Democrat Hillary Clinton. Even more alarming for the Democrat anointed one is that polls showing the critical swing states tied up.

And now the L.A. Times daily tracking poll is showing the Republican nominee at a record high level of support — at 47.8 percent to Hillary Clinton’s 41.1 percent.

As Breitbart reports:

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump is moving up further in the L.A. Times daily tracking poll, with a record high 47.8 percent support. Hillary Clinton has fallen to 41.1 percent making Trump’s lead now 6.7 points.

The Republican nominee appears to have maintained his lead, despite Clinton’s triumphant return to the campaign trail last week and appears to have shrugged off the latest media fueled birther controversy. Trump’s lead began after Clinton’s health scare last week in New York City, and has now risen 4.3 points in one week.

The USC Dornsife/L.A. Times Poll asks roughly 3,000 American citizens each day about the presidential race in order to reflect the political pulse of the country.

Clinton’s desperation is palpable as she doubles down on her attempts to paint Trump as a racist, bigot, homophobe — not to mention the actual cause of terrorism. She even went so far as to accuse him of treason earlier today — oh yes she did.

Meanwhile, President Obama is out on the trail raising money and defending his gal Hillz. And he, apparently, knows just why Hillary’s numbers are collapsing just like she herself did just over a week ago. Because we Americans are sexist, of course. Via Breitbart:

President Barack Obama suggested at a New York fundraiser that American society is sexist, which is why Hillary Clinton is struggling to beat Donald Trump in the polls.

“There’s a reason why we haven’t had a woman president–that we as a society still grapple with what it means to see powerful women,” Obama said during a speech on Saturday evening. “And it still troubles us in a lot of ways, unfairly, and that expresses itself in all sorts of ways.”

Obama pointed out that the presidential election will be close, but that it should not be, and he took time to defend Clinton’s qualifications to serve as president.

So, how do you like that? Even as he’s trying to shame persuade us, President Obama shows his distaste for the American people — taking a page from Hillary’s own “basket of deplorables” comment. See, it’s not even Hillary’s own fault her poll numbers are tanking — it’s OUR own failings as people.

Or, maybe, Mr. President, it’s just that the American people are sick and tired of being lied to repeatedly. Maybe we’re sick of our government — of, for and by the people — being used as a personal enrichment vehicle by our so-called leaders while they sell out our future to the rest of the world. Perhaps we’re finally fully waking up to the fact that our lives — our economy, our opportunity, our unity as a people, our security and our liberty, to name just a sampling — have fundamentally deteriorated under your (and your gal Hillary’s) reign.

And, yes, perhaps we’re ready to have a president back in the White House who believes in the fundamental goodness and promise of the people he or she serves — and have had quite enough of a president who talks down to us and talks us down to the rest of the world.

We see that Hillary Clinton is more of the same — and we’ve had enough.

And you, Mr. President, gave us the very hard reminder that we absolutely must elect the man or woman who is best for the job — not merely the one who is the “first” black, woman, [insert identity group here].

That, Mr. President, is why Hillary’s poll numbers are down. It’s about time you — and she — take responsibility for SOMETHING.

[Note: This article was written by Michelle Jesse, Associate Editor]



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