BREAKING: EIGHT stabbed in MN mall; suspect asks victims if…

America was rocked by two suspicious acts of violence overnight. First, an explosion rocked the upscale neighborhood of Chelsea, injuring 29. Authorities are saying the device was caused by an IED and later a second device was found, apparently made from a pressure cooker. Of course, Mayor Bill de Blasio says it appears to be intentional but not “terror-related.”

Meanwhile, at about the same time of the evening, an attacker wearing a private security uniform began randomly stabbing victims at the St. Cloud Crossroads Mall in Minnesota. Once again, authorities are saying they’re not sure this was terror related.

Well, you make up your mind with the facts we have so far.

In a midnight news conference last night, St. Cloud Police Chief William Blair Anderson said the armed suspect entered the mall around 8 p.m. and “made some references to Allah, and we have confirmed that he asked at least one person if they were Muslim before he assaulted them. We do know there were approximately eight people transported to the St. Cloud Hospital with non life-threatening injuries.”

Anderson said the mall remained an active crime scene, and authorities were still investigating. The chief said the suspect had “at least one knife…big enough to hurt someone” but no gun. He said police had no indication anyone else was involved. He said the stabbings occurred in multiple locations, different businesses and common areas, within the busy shopping center.

The chief said the suspect was wearing a private security uniform and the police had at least three previous contacts with the suspect for mostly minor traffic violations.

“The suspect was confronted by an off duty police officer and summarily shot and killed….no customers were killed,” Chief Anderson said in the midnight news conference.

Here’s raw video of the conference.

And by the way, yet another device exploded in New Jersey just hours before the Manhattan blast. At 9.30am on Saturday, a pipe bomb exploded shortly before the Semper Five Run at Seaside Park, New Jersey. No one was injured.

Connect the dots folks, and let’s see how the liberal media spins all of this.


[Note: This article was written by Michele Hickford]


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