British Army has first FEMALE front line soldier; there’s just ONE thing about her…

Pic Doug Seeburg Guardsman Chloe Allen of the 1st Battalion Scots Guards. After becoming a women she is the first female frontline soldier in the history of the British Army. With the 28 ton Mastiff vehicle she drives.

Last year 1st Lieutenant Kristen Griest, and Captain Shaye Haver made history as the first two female combat-ready rangers in the U.S. Army. This year Britain made history too when it comes to the role of women in their armed forces, with 24-year-old Chloe Allen being the first woman to fight on the front-lines. However, similar to Caitlyn Jenner winning “woman of the year,” there’s a bit more to the story…

Via The Sun

The 24-year-old joined up four years ago as a man, but changed her name officially last month. She will be the first woman allowed to engage the enemy in hand-to-hand combat.

Yes, she’s the picture of femininity. Here’s Chloe in all her girlish beauty.


Chloe, from Cumbria, has now started hormone therapy. Sporting long polished nails and with silver studs in her ears, she said: “It’s a great honour to make history. “I’m just looked at as a normal person.”

Um. Really?

Chloe makes history as the first female in­fantry soldier since the Army began in 1660

Chloe, who officially changed her name last month, now sports long, polished fingernails and is growing her hair into a feminine bob.

Until July this year, historic rules banned women from Ground Close Combat units where troops had to “close with and kill” the enemy.

Even once the regulations were changed, the first female infantryman was not expected to be recruited to the ranks until 2018.

But in line with the Army’s ­forward-thinking employment rules, which allow a “case by case” approach, it was decided Chloe could stay in her unit.

She now makes history as the first — and so far only — female in­fantry soldier since the Army began in 1660.

And she will continue in her roles as a Rifleman and driver of a 28-ton Mastiff armoured truck.

Excuse me, but how is she now magically a “female?” Because she says she is? Does she look female to you? Do nail polish and earrings turn you into a female while you’re still shaving and carrying (as the Brits put it) “meat and two veg?”

Has the world gone completely bonkers, or is it just me?

[Note: This story was written by The Analytical Economist]


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