Absurd: Obama BRAGS he’s discussing THIS in the Situation Room…

One would think with the continuing rise of ISIS and the threat posed by radical Islam, not to mention the brazen behavior of Russia and Iran, there would be a lot to talk about in the Situation Room involving national security.

Unfortunately, that doesn’t seem to be the case.

President Obama recently bragged about how Secretary of State John Kerry has diverted much attention and time away from discussing real, legitimate security concerns, to one of his favorite pet issues, climate change.

Yes, our top generals and national security advisors are applying precious man-hours toward solving climate change, rather than actually strategizing over clear and present danger..

According to the Washington Examiner, President Obama gave credit to Secretary of State John Kerry on Thursday for making climate change a national security priority at the White House, saying the issue is now discussed in the White House’s Situation Room.

“He has elevated the profile of climate change, ocean protection to the point where we have conversations about this not just in the Oval Office, but in the Situation Room,” Obama said. The Situation Room is where the White House convenes with generals and national security advisers to address serious security matters facing the United States.

Obama made the remarks in addressing the third annual Our Ocean Conference being held Thursday in Washington. He used the conference to announce the creation of the first marine monument in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Cape Cod in Massachusetts.

“I am obviously grateful to John Kerry for a whole host of reasons,” he said. “But one thing that we all owe to John is his conviction that a healthier ocean and a healthier planet are about more than just our environment; they are also vital to our foreign policy and to our national security,” Obama said. “And that is critical in helping us mobilize all of government around the issues that all of you care so deeply about.”

Despite what liberals might tell you, the science surrounding climate change is hardly conclusive and super shoddy, with the vast majority not supporting the theory that changes in our climate are man made.

So why are Obama and Kerry wasting so much time discussing this issue? It’s all about wealth redistribution. By going hard after climate change, progressives are hoping to create legislation that will enable them to get a deeper foothold in the free market by putting insane environmental regulations on businesses.

Yes, to the liberal, gaining more government control of the economy is far more valuable and central to their mission of transforming America than keeping its citizens safe.

Anyone else ready for this guy and his ilk to hit the road in 2017?

[Note: This article was written by Michael Cantrell]

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