Whoa: Look who Dems pick to REPLACE Hillary

DENMARK, SC - FEBRUARY 12: Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton speaks to voters in South Carolina a day after her debate with rival candidate Bernie Sanders on February 12, 2016 in Denmark, South Carolina. Clinton is counting on strong support from the African American community in South Carolina to give her a win over Sanders in the upcoming primary on February 27. (Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

After Hillary Clinton fainted at an event last weekend, leading to questions about her health going mainstream, many have been speculating who would replace her if she were forced to step down as the Democratic nominee.

This latest incident has only thrown fuel on the fire in regard to her personal health, as she’s refused to release specific medical records, and some inside sources allege she has Parkinson’s Disease.

If this scenario, the nightmare of liberals everywhere, were to actually come true, a new nominee would have to quickly step up to the plate to take Trump on in November.

Some have reported that the Democrat National Committee is already circling the wagons around Vice President Joe Biden.

However, according to a new Rasmussen poll, Biden isn’t the pick for most likely Democrat voters.

The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone and online survey finds that 48% of Likely Democratic Voters believe Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, Clinton’s primary rival, should be their party’s nominee if health issues forced her out of the race. Twenty-two percent (22%) say Vice President Joe Biden should be the nominee, while only 14% opt for Virginia Senator Tim Kaine, the current Democratic vice presidential candidate. Nine percent (9%) of Democrats think it should be someone else.

Among all likely voters, it’s a closer contest. Thirty-six percent (36%) choose Sanders, 20% Biden and 14% Kaine. But 21% think the Democratic nominee should be someone else.

A plurality (46%) of voters believes the media is giving too much coverage to Clinton’s health issues. Twenty-eight percent (28%) say there’s not enough coverage, while 21% rate the level of coverage as about right.

Not surprisingly, 63% of Democrats think there is too much coverage of Clinton’s health problems, a view shared by only 35% of Republicans and 39% of voters not affiliated with either major political party.

Voters strongly agree that a candidate’s health is an important voting issue, but while most Republicans and unaffiliated voters think the state of Clinton’s health is worth exploring, the majority of Democrats disagree.

Could this be signaling the return of the Bern? Though it might be more difficult for the Democrats to draft Bernie now that he’s officially left the party.


In any case, it’s highly unlikely Hillary will step down unless some information is leaked, so the chances of seeing Bernie squaring off against Trump are pretty much non-existent.

Still, it’s revealing to see so many folks in the Democratic Party being willing to throw support behind Sanders over Biden.

It’s also terrifying to think that many Americans are okay with a crazy socialist being in charge of the greatest nation in the free world.

[Note: This article was written by Michael Cantrell]


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