Another FOX lawsuit? But THIS time…

It’s been a controversial past few months over at Fox News. After Gretchen Carlson’s quiet departure from the network, it was quickly revealed she had filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against Roger Ailes, which was later settled to the tune of $20 million. Former ‘The Five’ panelist Andrea Tantaros also disappeared from the network months ago, and also has an ongoing lawsuit against Fox. Greta Van Susteren was the latest to leave Fox — and her husband hinted at a possible lawsuit too, though he didn’t specify on what grounds.

Would you believe that now one of the network’s top hosts, Sean Hannity, is considering a lawsuit? After the past few months, Fox News will be glad to hear a different network is the target.

Via The Blaze:

Fox News show host Sean Hannity is pondering a lawsuit against competing network CNN.

“What does — how do I get an apology from CNN?” Hannity asked on his radio show Thursday. “Should I — I would love to sue them for slander when they say, ‘Oh, he wants Hillary [Clinton] on her deathbed and dead,’ when I said just the opposite.”

Hannity’s consideration comes in response to an assertion by CNN media analyst Brian Stelter to PBS’ “Charlie Rose” Wednesday. Stelter, borrowing from Clinton’s “basket of deplorables” gaffe, said the way in which several conservative media figures — to include the Fox host — have covered Clinton’s health proves they belong in a “truly deplorable basket.”

“These are people who bring up rumors and innuendo about Clinton’s health, and have been doing it for years,” Stelter told PBS.

“I’m not saying Hannity or [radio host Rush] Limbaugh fit into these necessarily, but they — some of these figures want her to be sick,” he continued. “They want her to be dying. They want her to be on her death bed.”

Earlier in the summer, Stelter also similarly accused the Fox host, an unflinching supporter of Donald Trump, of peddling conspiracy theories about Clinton, the Democratic nominee for president. Several weeks ago, Stelter went after Hannity, saying the conservative talker “is not a journalist” — an assertion the Fox host does not deny. In August, Stelter hit Hannity for “reckless speculation” about Clinton’s health, a topic the Trump backer often leads with on his 10 p.m. Fox program. “Last time I checked, Fox still has the word ‘news’ in its name,” Stelter said.

The intense criticism did not go unnoticed by Hannity, who quickly counterpunched, calling the CNN anchor a “little pipsqueak,” adding that the show Stelter hosts, “Reliable Sources,” is “sort of like the Media Matters show,” referring to the liberal media watchdog.

Here’s Stelter’s comments:

And Hannity’s response:

It’s highly unlikely that such a lawsuit would gain traction — about as unlikely as honest reporting on CNN, to be exact.

[Note: This post was written by The Analytical Economist]

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