Hillary attacks Trump’s “birtherism,” but LOOK what we found…

Would you believe we’re still talking about the long-deceased birther movement? During Barack Obama’s first presidential campaign and early years of his first term, there was a sizable movement of those who demanded to see his birth certificate, including Donald Trump. Obama eventually released his birth certificate, and that settled that. Unlike liberals, Republicans actually adjust their beliefs when confronted with contrary evidence.

Liberals have held on to the birther movement’s past existence as one of the countless “proofs” of racism in the Republican Party. “Think Republicans would question the birthplace of a president who isn’t black?” they might rhetorically ask. In 2011, CBS and MSNBC misinformed us that Barack Obama is the first president in history to have his birthplace questioned. Anyone who bothered to open up a history book would’ve found that Chester Alan Arthur, Charles Evans Hughes, Barry Goldwater, George Romney, and John McCain were all Presidential candidates who had their birthplaces questioned. Oh — and did I mention that they’re all Republicans?

Now that Hillary is supposedly well-rested, recovered and back on the campaign trail, she’s evolved from attacking cartoon frogs as “racist” to attacking Trump’s former birthirism.

As Politico reported:  No matter what Donald Trump says now, the Republican nominee will not be able to undo what he has already wrought by questioning President Barack Obama’s U.S. citizenship, Hillary Clinton said Friday. And he owes both Obama and the American people an apology, she added.

“For five years, he has led the birther movement to delegitimize our first black president. His campaign was founded on this outrageous lie. There is no erasing it in history,” Clinton told an audience at the Black Women’s Agenda Symposium workshop in Washington. “Just yesterday, Trump, again, refused to say with his own words that the president was born in the United States.”

Clinton’s comments came minutes before Trump was scheduled to speak in the same city about Obama’s citizenship, which his campaign said in a statement Thursday night that he accepted. Trump himself declined to say earlier Friday whether he believes Obama was born in the U.S., teasing a forthcoming “major statement” on the matter.

You know who else planned on using birtherism as a case against Obama in the 2008 presidential race? Hillary Clinton’s own campaign. As early in 2007, long before Donald Trump was questioning Obama’s birthplace, Hillary’s chief strategist Mark Penn wrote a campaign memo laying out a plan to win the Democrat primary, and then election. One of the planned lines of attack against then-Senator Obama during the primary was to target Obama over his “lack of American roots.” He warned against attacking Obama’s birthplace directly, but rather wanted to allude to it “subliminally.” Breitbart has a lengthy expose documenting Hillary’s operatives and supporters as the genesis of the birther movement.

It would appear Hillary is, once again, projecting her own issues onto her rival Donald Trump. Just like bashing the 1%ers and Wall Street fat cats as she chums around with them — and is the poster child for — them herself; or ripping Donald Trump’s lack of transparency as she sets new standards for obfuscation and lying; and…. and…

[Note: This post was authored by Matt Palumbo. Follow him on Twitter @MattPalumbo12]


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