Hillary goes on CNN and ADMITS stunning truth about her health…

Of course, as y’all well know, when Hillary Clinton and “truth” collide in the same sentence, “truth” can only be interpreted loosely.

In this case, we can’t actually see her lips moving, but we can hear the Democrat presidential candidate’s voice, speaking with CNN’s Anderson Cooper last night.

In the clip, the woman who hopes to be elected president of the United States in 55 days acknowledges that Sunday’s “medical episode,” in which she appeared to collapse and possibly lose consciousness, was actually not the first time she’s “fainted.”

She tells Cooper, it’s happened, “really only twice… that I can recall.”

Notice that she then goes on to actually contradict herself right in the next sentence, going from “only twice” to  admitting it has occurred “a few times…”

Now, we know Hillary’s “recall” abilities aren’t too hot, so it’s a very reasonable possibility that she’s not remembering every instance — similar to how she didn’t recall a whole bunch of stuff about her emails when questioned by the FBI recently.

As Anderson Cooper references, Hillary’s husband Bill, acknowledged similar fainting incidents “on more than one occasion.”

Now, we all know that the Clintons are nothing if not withholding when it comes to the truth — the full truth. And while they might throw us a tidbit of “truth” to appease us, has it ever actually been the whole truth?

One can only wonder — perhaps more to the point, assume — that the Clintons, in their version of being forthcoming, are only revealing the tip of the iceberg here too.

[This article was written by Michelle Jesse, Associate Editor]


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