RESPECT: George W. Bush delivers POWERFUL message to protesting NFL players on 9/11…

With the number of athletes participating in “protests” against the National Anthem continuing to rise, so is the number of average Americans who are sick and tired of the disrespect.

While most of us are chomping at the bit to give these millionaire ingrates a piece of our mind, former President George W. Bush does something that puts them all in their place in the most classy way possible.

BizPacReview is reporting His [Bush] thoughts were on the nearly 3,000 innocent people who’d lost their lives 15 years earlier.

When he stepped out onto the field in Dallas to participate in the coin toss before the Cowboys and the New York Giants, he was accompanied by first lady Laura Bush and two first responders from that day.

The inclusion of the first responders gave a hint that something else was afoot — and it was. Fox News posted to its Facebook page:

Bush then went on to post a classy statement on his own Facebook page:


Honored to be with David Norman and Robert Zajac of the New York Police Department today, first responders at Ground Zero fifteen years ago.

For many of us, today may feel like any Football Sunday in America. For David, Robert, first responders, and those who lost loved ones on 9/11, the memories of that dark day are fresh – and so is the pain.

Laura and I hold the victims of 9/11 and their families in our hearts, and on this anniversary, we lift them up in our prayers. May God bless all who mourn, and may He continue to bless and watch over our great land.


That, ladies and gentlemen, is how you behave when the National Anthem is played at a live sporting event.

While many disagree with some of Bush’s policies, the bottom line is he loves his country and especially the heroes who serve in the military, local police, and fire departments.

And, unlike some of the spoiled athletes who reveal their petulance with their disrespect and division — and for that matter, our own Divider in Chief Barack Obama, who both modeled and has done so much to encourage such behavior — Bush and his wife Laura are all class, every time.

[Note: This article was written by Michael Cantrell]

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