Following news breaking of Hillary’s collapse as she left the 9/11 memorial early yesterday, the campaign quickly cycled through a series of different responses, starting with complete silence and secrecy; to the excuse that she fainted because she “overheated”… in 77-degree weather; to revealing that she had been diagnosed with pneumonia two days prior, but they had kept this secret until forced to disclose it. Her campaign claims she’s recovering and has canceled her planned trips in California today and tomorrow so she can instead rest at home in New York. (Or perhaps spend two full days away from the press while she and her team refine their “story.”)

If the Democrat presidential nominee truly has been suffering from pneumonia, she should’ve been resting the entire time following her diagnosis. Instead, in her efforts to keep it a secret from the American public, Hillary has been keeping up a schedule of public appearances that may have worsened her condition. And it’s not only her health that could’ve been put at risk as a result of her actions…

Via The Gateway Pundit:

The physician for Democratic Party presidential nominee Hillary Clinton issued a statement through the campaign on Sunday that Clinton was diagnosed with pneumonia on Friday while being examined for a persistent cough.

That opens the question of whether Clinton risked exposing the little girl who rushed up to greet her Sunday afternoon as Clinton left her daughter Chelsea’s New York City apartment after having taken refuge there following a health crisis Sunday morning in which Clinton collapsed as she attempted to walk a few steps to a Secret Service vehicle.

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Pneumonia is contagious, especially when the patient has a cough as Clinton does. Clinton bent over to greet her young fan face to face and posed with the little girl for a photo likely exposing the girl to her pneumonia germs.

Likewise everyone else Clinton came in close contact with since her diagnosis Friday. Clinton attended a high dollar fundraiser in New York City headlined by Barbra Streisand that raised a reported $6 million.

Did Clinton expose Streisand to her pneumonia germs–and the high dollar donors who paid for a meet and greet photo op with Clinton?

Oh yeah, and few have mentioned this, but were her own grandchildren exposed when Hillary took refuge at her daughter Chelsea’s apartment, rather than going to an emergency room as one might expect for a 68-year-old — and presidential candidate, no less — who collapses?

What will her excuse for this one be? Even those previously unconcerned about her health are changing their minds.


Yep, the issue of her health has moved from “fringe conspiracy theory” to a central, mainstream issue in the campaign. Conflicting excuses — and behavior that seems to contradict the current excuse du jour (or hour, as the case may be) — are only further exacerbating the issue.

[Note: This post was written by The Analytical Economist]

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