JUST IN: Hillary campaign releases STATEMENT on ‘medical episode,’ voters RESPOND

As we reported earlier, Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton was abruptly whisked away from this morning’s 9/11 memorial ceremony in New York City due to a “medical episode,” in which she appeared to faint.

For some time following the episode, the campaign kept the press pool following it contained and in the dark about the nominee’s whereabouts and condition.

Now, the campaign has released a statement attempting to explain the episode:

For those of you wondering, it was 82 degrees in New York City this morning — not exactly overwhelming tropical heat for a healthy person.

And does anyone else find it — shall we say — “interesting” that the Democrat presidential nominee was rushed to her daughter’s private apartment, rather than a nearby medical center? All part of the plan of keeping her condition withheld from the public, the American people?

So, is anyone buying this?

And the winner:

In all seriousness, this cannot be ignored or waved away, as the Hillary campaign — and her supporters — are attempting to do. We are talking about the highest office in the land. If she is not fit to attend a memorial is she really fit to attend to the most serious, highly stressful, affairs of this nation and the world?

[Note: This article was written by Michelle Jesse, Associate Editor]


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