BREAKING: Hillary ‘FAINTS’ at 9/11 ceremony, rushed to undisclosed location…

Even as the Hillary Clinton campaign does everything in its power to make it go away, the issue of the Democrat nominee’s health just keeps coming up. And it’s not just some “vast alt-right conspiracy” buzz — or even statements from an increasing number of doctors who’ve voiced concerns — that’s fueling the raging fire. It’s Hillary’s own behavior fueling it — things that we can all see and hear with our own eyes, like the massive coughing fits she had last week on the trail in Ohio.

Now, just this morning, we’re learning the woman who wishes to be commander in chief had a “medical episode” that required her to leave a 9/11 commemoration ceremony early, according to a law enforcement source who witnessed the event.

As Fox News reports:

The Democratic presidential nominee appeared to faint on her way into her van and had to be helped by her security, the source said. She was “clearly having some type of medical episode.”

Clinton’s stumbled off the curb, her “knees buckled” and she lost a shoe as she was helped into a van during her “unexpected early departure,” a witness told Fox News.

A separate law enforcement source told Fox News that Clinton left the event because she wasn’t feeling well.

Clinton’s campaign did not immediately respond to calls seeking comment.

Clinton was in New York for Sunday’s ceremony commemorating 15 years since the 9/11 terror attacks.

The Clinton campaign would not confirm Clinton’s location to an NBC pool producer.

And, perhaps only further fueling the questions that today’s incident was something that can easily be explained away — even by the masters of ‘splaining away — the campaign is reportedly keeping is media pool at a distance now and providing no information on her condition or whereabouts.

After Clinton left the ceremony, the reporters following her on the campaign trail were prevented from leaving the media area for a period of time.

Hillary and her campaign keeps telling us “nothing to see here, move along” — when we’re actually seeing it right before our eyes. Of course, that is nothing new when it comes to the Clintons.

If there is truly nothing to see, then release her medical records and let us see that for ourselves.

Methinks the lady doth protest too much.

[Note: This article was written by Michelle Jesse, Associate Editor]


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