BREAKING: Hillary campaign announces the UNTHINKABLE…

What a day it has been for Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.

After collapsing and being whisked away from the 9/11 memorial ceremony in New York City — the video of which threatens to break the internet today — the candidate later resurfaced claiming she was “feeling great” after recovering from being “overheated” at her daughter Chelsea’s Manhattan apartment.

Hours later, her doctor announced Hillary had been suffering from an unspecified type of pneumonia — since Friday — which was the real culprit of this morning’s “medical episode.” Never mind that the campaign had staged a video with a little girl hugging Hillary Clinton as she came out of her daughter’s apartment this afternoon — an apartment with an infant and another young child — while carrying pneumonia?

We just reported that one source is suggesting the Democrat National Committee will consider convening an emergency meeting to weigh whether to replace Hillary as the Democrat candidate for president.

And, now, news is breaking that Hillary Clinton will do the downright UNTHINKABLE for her. She will cancel her fundraising trip to California, which had been scheduled for Monday and Tuesday.


If nothing else has raised sufficient alarms by now, this should. We know from experience that for the likes of Hillary Clinton and the man she hopes to replace, Barack Obama, NOTHING gets in the way of fundraising appearances. Certainly not the deaths of four Americans under their watch in Benghazi on this very day four years ago — for example.

Fundraising is supreme, which makes one wonder just how serious Hillary Clinton’s condition is — even after she proclaimed she was “feeling great” earlier today. And even after, though she was supposedly diagnosed with pneumonia on Friday, she was well enough to carry on with her campaign appearances and call Trump’s supporters a “basket of deplorables.”

Of course, we should also note it gives her two full days without having to talk to press, during which she can get her story straight — whichever one she is going to concoct and refine over the coming days.

Does anyone else hear that sucking sound of Hillary Clinton’s candidacy being sucked right down the tubes?

[Note: This article was written by Michelle Jesse, Associate Editor]


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