The fix is in: Fed court ruling opens door to widespread voter FRAUD

Whatever happened to states’ rights? Whatever happened to the integrity of our electoral process?

Is there a single non-white person who feels “disenfranchised” from air travel because he or she needs to show I.D. before boarding a plane? How about cashing a check?

So why is it so outrageous to ask people to show their proof of citizenship for registering to vote? Of course we all know the answer.

The Democrats will do everything in their power to ensure Hillary Clinton wins.

Case in point: AP reports, A federal appeals court on Friday blocked Kansas, Georgia and Alabama from requiring residents to prove they are U.S. citizens when registering to vote using a national form.

The 2-1 ruling is a victory for voting rights groups who said a U.S. election official illegally changed proof-of-citizenship requirements on the federal registration form at the behest of the three states.

People registering to vote in other states are only required to swear that that they are citizens, not show documentary proof.

The three-judge panel of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia acted swiftly in the case, issuing a two-page, unsigned ruling just a day after hearing oral arguments. A federal judge in July had refused to block the requirement while the case is considered on the merits.

The League of Women Voters and civil rights groups argued that the requirements could lead to the “mass disenfranchisement” of thousands of potential voters — many of them poor, African-American and living in rural areas.

The case now returns to the district court for a full hearing on the merits. But the appeals court said the voting rights groups are likely to succeed on the merits.

The appeals court’s ruling requires the commission to immediately remove the proof-of-citizenship requirement from all forms. It requires the states to treat all registration applications filed since January 29 as if they did not have the requirement.

Well there you go folks. The fix is in. Donald Trump is going to have to win by a very large margin to “beat the cheat.” And another nail is hammered into the coffin of state sovereignty.

Maybe Barack Obama was right about Americans being “lazy.” Too lazy to give a crap about their nation and the direction it’s heading. Too lazy to learn the truth about what’s really happening to their freedoms. Too lazy to get up and vote the criminals out.

We must make our voices heard. And it’s up to all of us to do our part. Share these stories on your Facebook pages. Talk to your friends. Do not stay silent.

[Note: This article was written by Michele Hickford]


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