Female Sailor sits for National Anthem; gets INSTANT justice

More and more people are jumping on the sit-for-the-National-Anthem bandwagon,believing their disrespectful actions are somehow validated if they are doing it for “equality.”

The latest such example is a female sailor — as in member of the U.S. Navy — who decided to post a video of her “protest” on Facebook.

The Navy was none too happy with the sailor’s actions and are taking disciplinary action.

According to the Daily Caller, Disciplinary actions toward the female sailor are ongoing, a spokeswoman for the U.S. Navy told Military Times. “We are always doing training to make sure that sailors know the pros and cons of using social media, and they must always observe appropriate conduct, and they’re always subject to the UCMJ at all times,” she added.

The national anthem “basically says land of the free, home of the brave, except for hirelings and slaves and I just can’t support anything like that,” the female sailor said in the video she posted on Facebook. She continues “I think Colin had a really good point when he said we had bodies in the streets.”

During the ceremony the sailor sat on a bench and raised her fist in a symbol of black power. “Until this country shows they’ve got my back as a black woman … I can’t, and I won’t and I won’t be forced to [stand],” she continues.

The military requires all U.S. service-members to stop where they are, stand at attention, and salute the flag during the morning ceremony. Disciplinary action for failure to comply with these regulations is not unprecedented. A female soldier posted a photo of herself hiding in her to car to avoid saluting during colors in 2014. The female soldier was made to issue a public apology to the U.S. Army.

As a military member, this woman has a duty to represent the country she’s sworn to protect and defend, the very same nation that affords her the opportunity to be free and do what she wants with her life.

Since it’s part of protocol to stand at attention during the National Anthem, this sailor absolutely deserves to be disciplined for her egregious act, and in all honesty, if she doesn’t believe in the country she took an oath to defend, perhaps she should be dishonorably discharged?

What’s truly ironic about these “protesters” is that they’re hating on a country where they have liberty to choose what they do with their lives, who they date or marry, and so on and so on.

But you know how it goes with liberals: “Don’t bother me with the truth. My mind’s made up.”

[Note: This article was written by Michael Cantrell]


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