Internet ERUPTS when people notice what Hillary was WEARING last night…

Nope, not talking about the fashion sense she exhibited last night — which would make me (Michelle Jesse) sexist, no doubt (even as a woman myself). Nope, didn’t even notice what particular $12,000 pantsuit Hillary Clinton donned to take the stage at last night’s so-called Commander-in-Chief forum.

No, people are are buzzing about what the Democrat presidential nominee was wearing in her ear last night. Take a look at what conservative actor James Woods pointed out:

080916earpieceWoods’ tweet sparked an internet firestorm.

Of course, there were doubters, suggesting the photos weren’t real — though a search of the not-explicitly-in-the-tank-for Hillary Bing suggests they indeed are.

And, of course, this wouldn’t be the first news of Hillary Clinton needing an earpiece to make her points:

Now, why do you suppose the supposedly “smartest,” most qualified” person ever to seek the presidency needs an earpiece, with advisers on the other end, to tell her what to say? Suppose it’s to try to keep her lies straight; after all, it’s clear she has a hard time “recalling” things.


And yep!

[This article was written by Michelle Jesse, Associate Editor]


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