BOOM: Navy vet CONFRONTS Hillary with question we ALL want to ask about her email…

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump each took the stage tonight — separately — at the so-called Commander-in-Chief Forum hosted by NBC News and the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America. Both candidates took questions on national security, military affairs and veterans issues from NBC News and an audience comprised mainly of military veterans and active service members.

GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump won the coin toss tonight and opted to go second (so maybe not everything about this election is rigged), which meant Hillary Clinton was up first.

After host Matt Lauer stunned many viewers by actually kicking off the conversation with questions about Hillary’s email scandal, the first audience question came in with a bang.

Watch this Navy vet ask Hillary how anyone who’s entrusted with America’s most sensitive information can have any confidence in her when she clearly corrupted our national security — and others would’ve been prosecuted and imprisoned for doing the same.

It’s the question we’ve posed many times — and would all relish the chance to confront her with to her face, as this Naval officer did.

Anyone else catch the thinly-veiled anger on Hillary’s face and not-so-thinly-veiled condescension as she (defensively — and not in a good way) answered the question? 

Apparently so:

Hillary shows her true colors right there in that brief clip — not only how she looks down on our men and women in uniform, but the American people (clearly, commoners in her eyes) in general.

How can our military be expected to look up to her as their commander in chief with her obvious disdain for both our nation’s protocol and its people in general?


[Note: This article was written by Michelle Jesse, Associate Editor]


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