Gary Johnson just LOST the conservative vote with just two words…

With the 2016 presidential election already a divisive force on the political landscape, there are many folks on both sides of the aisle thinking of throwing their support behind a third-party candidate.

Someone like Libertarian Party nominee Gary Johnson. However, some recent comments from Johnson — along with his pro-choice stance — are turning disenfranchised conservative voters off.

During an interview with, Johnson claimed the phrase “illegal immigrant” is “incendiary to the Hispanic population.” When asked why, he answered by saying, “it just is.”

According to MCRTV, When Townhall’s Guy Benson began to ask Johnson about his support for President Obama’s executive actions on amnesty, using the phrase “illegal immigrants” to describe people who came to the country illegally, Johnson interrupted Benson to claim the proper term is “undocumented.”

“If you use the term ‘illegal immigrants,’ that is very incendiary to the Hispanic population here in this country,” Johnson insisted.

Asked for an explanation, Johnson said “illegal immigrant” is offensive because “It just is. It just is.”

“Just so you that know. Just so that you know and you don’t have to use that term,” Johnson continued.

Benson then asked Johnson, “But isn’t the term accurate in the sense that they entered the country—they immigrated to the country illegally?”

In response, Johnson pointed his finger, yelling, “They came into this country because they couldn’t get in legally. And the jobs existed. And you or I would have done the same thing.”

“When you go back decades ago, this was not considered illegal. When you go back decades, which involve a lot of these 11 million, it wasn’t the same issue as it is today,” Johnson said.

After awhile, the Libertarian candidate finally admitted that immigrating into the United States without going through the proper channels was “technically” illegal.

Is this man even listening to himself talk? Does he, a presidential candidate, really have this low of a view of the rule of law?

It’s perfectly acceptable to disagree with our current immigration system — many folks do. However, they nonetheless want the nation more secure, not less — and want to revamp it — but it’s not acceptable to eschew our nation’s rule of law.

So it’s already bad that Johnson seemingly doesn’t have a problem with making our immigration system more beneficial for the illegal immigrant, but he’s also gone totally PC over the use of that very phrase.

How is one to handle an issue with criminals if we aren’t allowed to use the proper terminology? If one takes another’s property, is that not stealing or theft? Is not taking the life of another human being, murder? As James Woods said so eloquently, calling illegal immigrants “undocumented immigrants” is like calling heroin dealers “undocumented pharmacists.”

Perhaps Johnson is taking this route as a means of drawing in Bernie supporters and other lefties who don’t feel comfortable pulling the lever for Hillary?

Regardless, most conservatives on the fence will see this as bad form and may change their minds about casting a ballot for him come November.

[Note: This article was written by Michael Cantrell]

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