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Hillary Clinton gave a speech last week attacking the so-called “alt-right,” but they’re a harmless bunch in comparison to the alt-left.

I (Matt Palumbo) will bet you that 99 percent of the people who listened to her speech had to head to Google afterward just to figure out what she was talking about, and even then, wouldn’t have found much. As it turns out, a far-right group that exists nowhere outside of internet message boards hasn’t actually taken control of the Republican Party like she thinks. Donald Trump didn’t even know what the alt-right is either.

Certainly Hillary can’t deny there are fringe elements on the left. If we’re going to say there’s a group we can classify as the “alt-left,” certainly Marxists, Black Lives Matter activists, third-wave feminists, social justice warriors and other delusional activists could be lumped in there.  When Bernie Sanders gained traction in the Democrat primary, pulling Hillary further to the left, many of us worried the party had completely gone off the deep end.

However, as radical as the Democrat party has become, a leaked memo shows that alt-left groups like Black Lives Matter are too crazy even for the Democrat Party.

Via Louder With Crowder:

If I call Black Lives Matter a radical movement, I’m a racisty racist trying to force my white privilege on you. But what if Nancy Pelosi and the Democrat leadership, all of whom are just as white as me, say it? Is Nancy Pelosi a racisty racist too?

Judging by this leaked memo, we’re about to find out…

The document, intended to advise staffers on how to deal with the Black Lives Matter movement, was released Tuesday evening as part of a trove purportedly obtained from a personal computer belonging to House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi. The information was posted on a WordPress blog operated by Guccifer 2.0, who has released a stream of sensitive documents obtained from the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.

“Do not say ‘all lives matter’ nor mention ‘black on black crime,’” the instructions state. “This response will garner additional media scrutiny and only anger BLM activists. This is the worst response.”

The document described BLM as a “radical movement” seeking “to be part of the conversation,” but warned that BLM activists “don’t want their movement co-opted by the Democrat Party.”

Prominent BLM activist Shaun King also weighed in, disgusted with the Democrat Party. You can also see a copy of the document in his response below.

It’s pretty hard to give support for BLM’s policy positions, when their policy positions are completely insane. Few of them actually have to do with anything that would prevent police brutality, and the group actually opposes police wearing body cameras (though after reviewing their list of “martyrs,” it’s not hard to see why).

Among their demands are reparations for “food apartheid” and slavery, a national divestment from fossil fuels, increased funding for (only) Black institutions, and the immediate release of all political prisoners. Among those they consider to be political prisoners are all convicted cop killers.

Think about that: they managed to come up with a platform so far-Left that even he Democrat Party couldn’t actually embrace it. But, of course, that won’t stop them from pandering shamelessly to the group for the sake of winning the election.

[Note: This post was authored by Matt Palumbo. Follow him on Twitter @MattPalumbo12]

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