FBI releases Hillary docs; 3 words say EVERYTHING

Friday afternoon as most Americans are taking off for Labor Day weekend. What better time for the Obama Administration to release damaging information about their chosen presidential candidate?

Yep, the FBI just released its much-anticipated notes from its investigation in former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s email scandal.

For those of you who want to cut to the chase, three words pretty much sum up what’s in there. “Could not recall,” maybe with a few “do not understand” and “do not knows” thrown in.


She apparently told the FBI she “couldn’t recall” 26 times.

Via CNN:

The FBI released Friday the notes from Hillary Clinton’s interview with the bureau along with the report the agency put together on its investigation.

The documents contained numerous instances in which Clinton did not recall specific emails or incidents, including on classified information procedures.

Clinton repeatedly told the FBI she lacked recollection of key events. She said she “could not recall any briefing or training by State related to the retention of federal records or handling classified information,” according to the FBI’s notes of their July 2 interview with Clinton.

The notes revealed that Clinton relied heavily on her staff and aides determining what was classified information and how it should be handled.

“Clinton did not recall receiving any emails she thought she should not be on an unclassified system,” the FBI notes said. “She relied on State official to use their judgment when emailing her and could not recall anyone raising concerns with her regarding the sensitivity of the information she received at her email address.”

Clinton was also asked about the (C) markings within several documents that FBI Director James Comey testified before Congress represented classified information. The emails that were sent and received from her server containing these markings became the subject of intense debate on the Hill, as her critics seized on them as evidence that she mishandled information.

But Clinton told the FBI she was unaware of what the marking meant.

The former secretary of state said she did understand when an email was marked “confidential” at the top, and “asked the interviewing agents if that was what ‘c’ referenced,” according to the notes.

Apparently, the woman who wants to be president “did not recall” being briefed or trained on classified information — despite signing multiple NDAs. Moreover, she appeared confused about what classified markings meant — despite her “experience” as Secretary of State. And, as the Washington Examiner reports, she appeared to have little understanding of classified information when she served as secretary of state.

“Clinton could not give an example of how classification of a document was determined,” the FBI wrote in its notes.

Apparently, some of this may have been due to a concussion she suffered in 2012, according to a report released Friday. So, are we to understand that this woman who wishes to assume the presidency was suffering from health-related memory issues as recently as two months ago — and perhaps (likely) are still ongoing?

And if that’s not disconcerting enough, there’s this fun little tidbit:

What’s more, Clinton said an email that was central to the investigation, one that involved conversations about a planned drone strike in Pakistan, didn’t raise any red flags when she transmitted the highly classified information over her unsecured server.

“Clinton stated deliberation over a future drone strike did not give her cause for concern regarding classification,” the notes said.

Either she’s incompetent, losing it or a liar, any of which on its own would disqualify her as president. I (Michelle Jesse) have a hunch it’s actually all three.

[Note: This article was written by Michelle Jesse, Associate Editor]


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