As a black man, I DARE liberals to call me out on this…

LTC Allen B West

Something is happening in this presidential election cycle that has folks totally up in arms.

A white GOP presidential candidate is addressing the issues in the black community. And, of course, Donald J. Trump has kicked the hornet’s nest and is consistently castigated with the ultimate denigrating moniker of “racist.” Trump is finding out that there’s a super-secret club handshake in the black community. And the only white people who’ve been provided that code are white liberal progressive socialists.

What amazes me is that here we have someone challenging the failed progressive policies of the inner city and his sincerity is questioned?

Why hasn’t anyone EVER questioned the sincerity of the Democrats who’ve run the inner cities of America for decades? Easy answer: they have the secret sauce and Hillary Clinton even admitted she carries it in her purse.

When the left, (or the appointed black gatekeepers) are challenged on their policy shortcomings in the black community, the retort is racism. That is the means by which suppression of the discussion is sought. If you’re a black conservative, you’re told you’re not really black, only a token, Oreo, sellout, Uncle Tom and several other denigrating titles too vile to repeat here.

Even those of us born and raised in inner city neighborhoods are told we have no clue about the “black experience.” I was raised in Atlanta’s historic Old Fourth Ward, which produced Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Funny, I suppose a biracial fella who was raised early on in Indonesia and ended up being raised by white grandparents in Hawaii has a clearer perspective. Then again, Barack Obama was given the code — the super-secret handshake — because he’s a progressive socialist.

So, it becomes very apparent one should not talk about the decimation of the black family. No one needs to know that prior to the policies of Lyndon Johnson, two parents were in at least 75 percent of black households. Even a white, liberal Democrat senator from New York, Daniel Patrick Monyihan, admonished Johnson about instituting the policy of government checks for out-of-wedlock children, caveated by the condition that no man could be in the home. Monyihan obviously didn’t know the super-secret handshake because he was attacked and demonized for speaking out. I am reminded of his famed quote: “You are entitled to your own opinions, but not your own facts.”

The fact is, many of the issues in the inner city black community, stem from the destruction of the black family. But, if you’re not part of the secret club, you best not speak of that, lest you are attacked.

If you’re a member of Black Lives Matter, you have a double super-secret handshake and membership. And your membership card is printed by a white liberal progressive socialist named George Soros. How odd is that?

Trump gets the ultimate beat down for addressing issues in the black community. He’s criticized for speaking before white audiences. Ask yourself, when was the last time Soros went before a black audience? Doesn’t matter, he has the super-secret handshake, probably given by Al Sharpton himself.

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