Pathetic: Look what CNN was just CAUGHT doing for Hillary now…

The 2016 election cycle has already claimed many casualties, among them any last semblance of trust in the our nation’s major political parties and anything “establishment” in general.

Perhaps one of the most tragic for the health of our republic is the final nail in the coffin of our Fourth Estate. While it’s been teetering on the edge for some time now, objective journalism seems to be drawing its last breath in 2016.

CNN, increasingly living up to its moniker “Clinton News Network,” has become the poster child for this — even taking a lead from liberal wasteland MSNBC as it falls behind them in the ratings.

We’ve shared with you numerous examples of CNN’s blatantly skewed — even dishonest — reporting this election cycle, demonstrating the network’s agenda in doing everything it possibly can to get Hillary Clinton elected president. CNN itself even admitted this, in so many words:

We couldn’t help her any more than we have, she’s got just a free ride so far from the media, we’re the biggest ones promoting her campaign, so it had better happen.

So it is in the category of #ShockingNotShocking that we bring you the latest example. On CNN’s Newsroom yesterday, the network featured a highlighted tweet from GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump calling on his Democratic opponent Hillary Clinton to release her medical records. Only problem? They conveniently scrubbed one word. Take a look and guess which one.

Via Breitbart:

“I think that both candidates, Crooked Hillary and myself, should release detailed medical records. I have no problem in doing so! Hillary?”

However, the CNN version scrubbed the “Crooked” moniker from the tweet in it’s report, which was displayed on screen and read on air by anchor Jim Sciutto.


Screen Shot 2016-08-29 at 4.25.00 AM

And one can’t help but increasingly wonder if such seemingly small “omissions” are part of a larger top-down directive — whether spoken or not —  to stay away from anything too negative about the Queen. Network management made quite a statement last week when it suddenly canceled the program of one who dared to speak openly about genuine concerns surrounding Hillary’s health.

And this chilling effect seems to be spreading; as we reported earlier, a writer for the liberal rag HuffPo was just terminated after publishing articles related to the Democrat candidate’s health.

We’re getting a frightening taste of what state-run media looks like in the United States of America. And this is just for the candidate — imagine how this could evolve if she becomes president?

[Note: This article was written by Michelle Jesse, Associate Editor]


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