Campus BANS prayer: Reason why is SICKENING

If you’re anything like the majority of common sense Americans, you likely thought the protections provided by the First Amendment for freedom of speech extended to all parts of the country.

However it seems the boundaries of the Constitution stop where big time university campuses — like Clemson — begin.

Red Alert Politics reports, A man was stopped by a Clemson University administrator for praying on campus, telling him and a Young Americans for Freedom (YAF) activist that “this is not a designated free speech area,” and asking them to leave the area. YAF’s blog The New Guard released the video today.

The administrator, Shawn Jones who is the assistant director for client services, also called their praying “solicitation,” and demanded that they would need to fill out paperwork to continue. Clemson receives state and federal funding, and many see these restrictions as disregarding the First Amendment to the Constitution by limiting free speech to certain zones.

The Young Americans for Freedom member, Kyra Palange, asked the administrator, “by that, you mean there are free speech areas on campus and that the entire campus is not a free speech area?”

Jones responded, “that is correct.”

Palange released a statement about the incident:

“I was walking across the grassy area near Fort Hill after class at about 3:15 when I saw someone sitting in a folding chair. Next to him was another folding chair with an 8×10 sign that said PRAYER. I approached him and we sat down to pray for a few minutes. When we finished, a man from the university approached us and said he could not be praying there because it was not a “designated free speech area” and presented the person who was praying with a form for the procedures for applying for “solicitation” on campus. He told him he had to leave.”

Aside from the ridiculous notion that anyone has the right to place geographical limits on a person’s freedom of speech in a country where such a liberty is protected by law, the major problem here is the fact that Clemson received funding from the government.

In other words, they are funded by taxpayer dollars, thus they aren’t technically allowed to infringe on a student’s First Amendment rights, especially when the individual is exercising this freedom peacefully.

This is just one more example of how today’s college campuses are nothing more than leftist indoctrination centers designed to create new generations of individuals loyal to the state.

[Note: This article was written by Michael Cantrell]

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