Three black man on verge of making history; liberals SILENT

Right now something historic is happening in Colorado – the rise of conservative black Republicans. Yet few other than those carefully paying attention are aware that the Republican Party is literally making U.S. history in the Centennial State because both local and national media have placed the story on black out. (Pun intended.)

The liberal-leaning or so-called “main stream” news media is fascinating. They rail, “Republicans have no black people”, then when some of us black folks emerge, reach out to and/or try to work with the Republican Party they ignore or under-report it thus keeping their own narrative alive. Could it be those same voices really don’t want to acknowledge black Republicans exist because they’re more invested in keeping a lie alive than in reporting truth and facts?

The Denver Post is the largest newspaper in our state. I was elected to my current position as state GOP Vice Chairman in March of 2015. A black-American elected in a landslide by a 98 percent white constituency. Not once in the year-and-a half I’ve held this office has the Post contacted me for a story, sought me for a quote, placed my picture in their pages or so much as bothered to ask a question. I’m the sitting party Vice Chair and as far as the Post is concerned, I don’t exist.

Casper Stockham is a black-American and the Republican nominee to represent Colorado’s 1st congressional district in the U.S. House of Representatives. He’s not a maybe or a wannabe, he is ON the November ballot and has been campaigning for over a year! To date the Post has featured but one hashtag on Mr. Stockham in its quite robust online presence and given him one mention in its daily pages – that mention was in the midst of an article about his opponent, a 20-year incumbent Democrat.

Here is a young man right in their backyard running on a major party ticket seeking to represent the paper’s home city. Yet the Denver Post sees no importance in informing its readership about their own congressional race? Not when there’s a black Republican involved.

Retired after 21-years of service in the Air Force, (retired) Lt. Col. Darryl Glenn is a lawyer, sitting County Commissioner in El Paso County, the Republican candidate for U.S. Senate and another black-American. The Post has managed to find time to cover Commissioner Glenn, last month the newspaper ran a scathing, overt hit-piece wherein it traveled back in time thirty years to when Col. Glenn was a teenager and attempted to pin an assault charge on him from 1983.

No stories about service to his nation, nothing about his education which includes having been accepted by and graduating from one of the most demanding institutions in the world, the United States Air Force Academy, then having put himself through law school at night. Nothing about his massive margins-of-victory in past elections where his predominantly white Republican constituency has handed him 80% of their votes. None of that. Just a story dredging up (non)history, depicting how mean and unpredictably brutal the scary black man is. Not to mention the fact that just to win the nomination Commissioner Glenn had to defeat another black-American, Ryan Frazier, in the Republican primary.

This is the tolerant, open, inclusive left that just loves blacks – so long as those blacks tow the company line. If we don’t they’re more interested in stories about cats stuck in trees.

For all the time media outlets like the Denver Post, ABC News, New York Times, MSNBC, CNN, etc. invest into the “Republicans can’t attract blacks” rhetoric you’d assume they’d be descending upon our state and candidates like flies onto spilled Pepsi. One would think they’d be requesting statements, showing up with reporters and photographers at campaign events, running exposes on our lives, asking about our beliefs. You would image that even the lowliest of writers and producers could see that this novelty exists on a unique level of news-worthiness. We have a situation in Colorado never before seen in the history of our nation! But alas we are the proverbial tree that has fallen in the forest in complete silence because there was none there to hear it.

The three of us do not fit the narrative the media is selling and so in their eyes we do not exist.


[Note: This article was written by Derrick Wilburn]


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