Democrats CAUGHT trying to steal election…

For Democrats, it’s not just the general election campaign that’s in full swing; it’s high season for election fraud as well for the party.

People pooh-pooh GOP nominee Donald Trump for suggesting the election may be rigged, but is it really so crazy a suggestion when you consider what the Democrat National Committee did in their own primary?

Meanwhile, Democrats are working feverishly working to get common-sense voter ID laws overturned — despite the vast majority of Americans AGREEING that voter ID is not only reasonable, but necessary.

Clinton crook crony Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe is going where even his predecessor — none other than Hillary Clinton’s running mate, Tim Kaine — wouldn’t go by restoring the voting rights of felons via executive order. Not only is McAuliffe defying the Virginia Supreme Court’s order to remove 13,000 “invalidly registered” felons — including violent criminals, from voter rolls — Breitbart reports that he’s mailing voter registration cards directly to them.

And the Queen of Crooked herself is enlisting people who can’t legally vote themselves to help register new voters. What could possibly go wrong?

Well, if you thought you’d heard it all when it comes to ways the Democrats might try to steal the election, here’s a new one. How about just leaving the GOP candidate off the ballot altogether?

As Politico reports:

Donald Trump’s name will appear on Minnesota ballot, a state official said, after its initial absence from the secretary of state’s website caused minor alarm in Minnesota GOP circles.

“We just received the last item,” said Ryan Furlong, communications director for the Minnesota Secretary of State, about Trump’s paperwork. “We were waiting for a pledge from one of the alternate electors. The filing is complete and the Republican ticket should be listed on our site shortly.”

Names that are currently appearing on the Minnesota ballot: Hillary Clinton, Constitution Party candidate Darrell Castle, Legal Marijuana Now’s Dan R. Vacek, Socialist Workers Party’s Alyson Kennedy, Green Party nominee Jill Stein, Libertarian Party nominee Gary Johnson, and Evan McMullin as the nominee of the Independence Party.

OK, before you accuse us of going all tinfoil-hat, this is the state (my home state), where many consider the 2008 election that gave us Sen. Al Franken — the 60th vote in favor of Obamacare — to have been stolen through voter fraud. The hardcore Dems who run the state know what they are doing on this front.

In this particular case of the ballot, it does appear to have been an honest oversight or procedural issue, which we must assume will be fixed in time for early voting, which starts in just one month on September 23rd.

Of course (sadly), you might ask what difference, at this point, does it make in the state that has only voted once for a Republican president since 1932 and was one of the few states Marco Rubio edged Trump in this year’s primary.

Nonetheless, with all the Democrat efforts to bolster their rolls fraudulently, all of us need to be watching this stuff vigilantly.


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