Look what just happened in WASHINGTON D.C. after minimum wage hike

Attempting to explain why hiking the minimum wage up to $15 an hour is a horrible idea to a liberal is about as frustrating as slamming your head against a brick wall — and just as pleasant.

Leftists refuse to acknowledge the universal facts of economics and continue believing in the fairy tale of total equality — monetarily speaking — that drives them to support measures such as the redistribution of wealth.

Well, perhaps they’ll listen to the facts emerging from places where the minimum wage has been raised and is wreaking havoc on the employment rate…right in our nation’s capital.

A new report indicates restaurants in D.C. are being hit super hard and are now losing eight jobs per DAY.

Truth Revolt is reporting, Thus far, Washington, D.C. has lost 1,400 jobs in just the last six months alone, many of them in the restaurant services industry. The Washington Free Beacon reports:

Restaurants in the nation’s capital experienced their worst hiring period in 15 years, fueling speculation that wage hikes are reducing employment opportunities.

Employment in the food service industry fell in Washington, D.C. even as it continued to increase in the region. Restaurants shed 1,400 jobs in the first six months of 2016, a three percent decrease and the largest loss of jobs since the 2001 recession, according to an analysis from American Enterprise Institute scholar Mark Perry.

The steep drop was isolated to D.C. Neighboring suburbs in Virginia and Maryland added nearly 3,000 jobs over the same period, a 1.6 percent increase in hiring.

According to the report, Perry says the numbers definitively point to D.C.’s minimum wage requirements:

Washington, D.C. began the year with a higher-than-average wage for tipped employees in the restaurant industry. Tipped employees in the nation’s capital earn a base wage of $2.77, almost 30 percent above the federal minimum of $2.13 that is used by Virginia. The city also mandated a $10.50 minimum hourly wage for non-tipped employees in January—higher than Virginia’s $7.25 and Maryland’s $8.75 rate.

Perry asked how, if D.C. restaurants can’t absorb this rate of pay, will they be expected to deal with the proposed $15 per hour hike in coming years.

The answer to Perry’s question is simple. They will not be able to “deal” with the hike up to $15 an hour and as a result, you’ll see area businesses laying off employees left and right, while other businesses will stagnate, no longer having the capital available to expand and create more jobs.

On top of that, the extra cost from the hike will be passed onto the consumer through increased prices.

In the meantime, low skilled workers or teenagers looking to get work experience on their resumes, will be the individuals who will suffer the most, as businesses who have to pay this obscenely high minimum wage will look for employees with the experience and skill they need.

Now if only liberal would get this through their heads.

[Note: This article was written by Michael Cantrell]

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