WHOA: Apparently if you call a woman this… you’re SEXIST

The list of things you can say that will get you labeled a sexist or racist in modern culture is already insanely long, but it appears it’s about to grow just a tad bit longer.

Apparently, according to a writer from the Huffington Post, if you happen to call an adult woman a “girl,” you’re sexist and using the term as an “oppressive tool.”

Via HuffPo:

…Does calling adult women “girls” imply that they should strive to be quintessential children, too? It would seem so, when it was uttered in workplaces by “Mad Men”-era nine-to-fivers, describing their secretaries, regardless of age. “My girl” wasn’t just a diminutive descriptor at work, either. The oldies hit bearing the phrase as a title was a No. 1 single by The Temptations in 1964. “Girl Friday” and “girl next door” are among the offshoots that take “girl” to mean a woman who is dependable, helpful, and, as such, eager to serve.

Using historically juvenile words to refer to people who are no longer children has been used as an oppressive tool in other contexts, marking the habit as a harmful one. McConnell-Ginet notes that black men in America were referred to as “boy” by white slaveholders, and, later, employers. “The ‘houseboy’ in many colonial contexts was typically adult,” she added. “Women of any age doing domestic work were often referred to as ‘girls,’ a usage more likely for women of color.”

In case you were wondering if the absurd leftist faux outrage machine ever ran out of steam, you now have your answer.

Pretty soon, the list of “offensive” terms is going to be so extensive and inclusive we’ll all be required by the government to have a book on hand — or an app — to double check our every word to ensure no delicate snowflakes have their feelings hurt.

Hey! There’s a new business idea…

[Note: This article was written by Michael Cantrell]

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