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Trouble in paradise between President Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry’s new BFF, Iran, has erupted this week.

As Col. West mentioned earlier, it appears that four Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps Navy vessels were in close pursuit of a U.S. Guided Missile Destroyer in the Persian Gulf near the Straits of Hormuz — “harassing” the USS Nitze. Reports are that the Iranian ships came within 300 yards of our vessel, which had to undertake evasive maneuvers.

And today, the tensions between the US Navy and Iran’s appears to have escalated further.

Fox News has more:

A U.S. Navy coastal patrol ship fired warning shots at an Iranian ship that sailed within 200 yards in the Northern Persian Gulf Wednesday in the second close call this week involving U.S. and Iranian vessels, a U.S. official confirmed to Fox News on Thursday.

The USS Squall fired the shots, according to the official.

In the earlier incident, four Iranian small boats “harassed” the USS Nitze Tuesday, sailing near the guided missile destroyer in the Persian Gulf, a U.S. Navy official told Fox News. The U.S. Navy described the incident as “unsafe and unprofessional” and said it occurred in international waters in the narrow Strait of Hormuz.

U.S. Navy video of the incident showed American sailors on the Nitze firing flares and sounding the warship’s horn as the Iranian boats approached. The official said the Nitze was ultimately forced to change its course to avoid the Iranian ships, despite coming close to offshore oil rigs.

Earlier, U.S. Adm. John Richardson said the incident involving the Nitze reflected the greater competition the U.S. was facing at sea and underscored the naval tensions with Tehran, which include other similar incidents.

Of course, as we shared earlier, this all comes as we find out that the Obama administration has illegally wired $1.3 billion to the Iranians — AFTER the Iranians seized two of our Riverine assault craft and placing our ten Sailors on their knees at gunpoint. Because the best way to encourage future bad behavior is to reward such behavior handsomely. As Col. West wrote just this morning, this is truly Pavlovian in that we continue to reward the most abhorrent of behavior and therefore we get more abhorrent behavior.

Is this what Obama’s “historic” agreement with Iran looks like? As Dr. Phil famously says, “How’s that working for you?” Are we safer because of Obama and Kerry’s trying to cozy up to the nation whose leaders continue to chant, “Death to America?” The answer is a resounding NO — quite the contrary, especially considering the rich rewards Iran has been reaping in its wake, with zero repercussions for bad behavior.

They’ve announced their intention to detain and harass Americans — no doubt to reap further rewards like the $400M ransom Obama gave them in exchange for just a handful of the Americans they’d already held hostage.

As Col. West asked: How much more humiliation shall we endure? And a Hillary Clinton administration will be no different. Oh yeah, forgot that Turkey has invaded Syria, and has been bombing Kurdish targets as well.

So for Obama’s final months in office, we can expect much more of the same. Our enemies know there’s no consequence for their actions – in fact, if they play their cards right, they may get a helluva payoff.

Who remembers Operation Preying Mantis — April 18, 1988 — under Ronald Reagan? No warning shots that time… and that attack is credited with helping pressure Iran to agree to a ceasefire with Iraq, ending the eight-year conflict between them.

Good for this US Commander who fired back at the aggressive Iranians. Let’s pray he’s not reprimanded by the pansy administration for doing so.

Of course, Obama will probably be rushing to send the Iranians more cash to apologize for standing up for ourselves.

[Note: This article was written by Michelle Jesse, Associate Editor]


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