BREAKING: Gunfire & explosions ROCK American University, many feared DEAD…

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Multiple news agencies are reporting the American University of Afghanistan is under attack, as at least one suicide blast has exploded and gunfire rung out around dinner time local time there.

Ambulances are racing victims to a nearby hospital and reports are now coming in that several students are dead. Local police are calling it a “complex attack.”

More from Fox News:

Explosions and gunfire rang out at American University of Afghanistan in Kabul on Wednesday in what a police commander described as “a complex attack.”

Reporters in the area said teachers and hundreds of students took cover in classrooms and safe rooms as police and special forces surrounded the campus on the western outskirts of Afghanistan’s capital city. A car bomb had exploded outside a school for the blind next door before at least one attacker fired at the university campus from that school building, a police officer at the scene told The New York Times.

Witnesses told Fox News the gunfire had stopped but security teams were still sweeping the area. The numbers of people dead or injured were unclear, but ambulances raced victims to a nearby hospital.

Police spokesman Sediq Sediqqi said investigators believed there was just one attacker. The university’s president, Mark English, tells The Associated Press, “we are trying to assess the situation.”

No group immediately claimed responsibility for the attack. The Taliban were in the middle of their summer offensive against Afghan government forces.

Hazard a guess that this may just be another episode of the “religion of peace” striking again at innocent victims, collateral damage for their own jihad.

One thing is for sure: the past seven and a half years have made it a lot less safe to be an American — say nothing about attending a university bearing the name American overseas.

Prayers for the victims.

[Note: This article was written by Michelle Jesse, Associate Editor]


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