Whoa: NOW look who’s raised concerns about Hillary’s health

As Hillary Clinton pressures Donald Trump to release his tax records, her critics are pushing her to release her health records.

Doctors have expressed “grave concern” over the Democrat presidential nominee’s health. Earlier this month, the Drudge Report posted an image taken back in February from Getty Images that appeared to show Hillary requiring assistance from her handlers up a flight of stairs. This sparked a whole number of — as Hillary describes them — “conspiracy theories” surrounding her health. One of the most popular theories is that Hillary is suffering from minor seizures (as this video alleges to show), which are common for those who’ve suffered a blood clot in the brain, as we know Hillary did back in 2013. Seizures are brought on by over-stimulation and stressful situations for those suffering from them — could that be why she hasn’t had a press conference in 263 days?

Who knows. This could all be baseless nonsense, but Hillary could certainly put the conspiracies to rest if she just released her health records, as 59 percent of voters want her to do.

She “proved” she was in good health by opening a pickle jar on the Jimmy Kimmel show the other night; doubtful that will convince her critics. After all, it’s not just her critics concerned about her health — her husband once expressed concerns that she wouldn’t have the health to even run for president.

Via the Gateway Pundit:

Bill thought Hillary was too sickly to run for president. These excerpts from Unlikable, The Problem with Hillary Clinton by Edward Klein.

Bill thought Hillary was in denial about her life threatening symptoms.


bill clinton hillary healthAnd Bill tried suggesting Hillary rethink whether she had the physical stamina to run for president.


hillary sick bill clintonBill Clinton must be the latest operative in the vast right-wing conspiracy.

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