Thugs beat, rob white men after chanting THREE words…

Barack Obama is finishing up his final year of office, and needless to say, it hasn’t gone as planned. Regardless of what you thought about his individual policies, you’d at least think the nation having its first black president would improve race relations. Perhaps..had it been a President Cain, Carson, or West, but not the “divider in chief” we have now.

Race relations have sunk to their lowest point since the 1990s – during the L.A. race riots. It’s not hard to see why. Obama has sympathized with the politics of racial identity and division that motivate groups like Black Lives Matter to do everything except anything that would actually save and improve black lives. You’re more likely to see a BLM protestor pushing for segregation in the name of creating radicalized “safe spaces” than anything to promote racial harmony.

We’ve seen this divisive parody of the Civil Rights movement inspire violence before, infamously leading to the deaths of five police officers in Dallas, Texas, and three in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. The narrative of racist police isn’t even important to them anymore. A black officer shot an armed black suspect in Milwaukee, and rioters targeted white-owned businesses, and white citizens for attack. The BLM crazies of Milwaukee are hardly the only ones who seem to think only black lives matter.

Via KFVS 12

A group of men chanting “Black Lives Matter” was accused of viciously beating up seven white victims in Akron early Sunday morning. According to the police report, the attack happened around 12:30 a.m. in the area of Carroll and Goodkirk streets.

Police said seven white men were walking when they were approached by five black men and two white men, shouting, “Black lives matter.” The suspects started hitting them with bottles, punching and kicking the victims. One victim fell to the ground and was kicked in the head several times before losing consciousness. The suspects then took the victims’ belongings before running off.  

Both Akron police and University of Akron officers responded and located the suspects nearby.

Perhaps the reason so many in the movement have a problem with the phrase “all lives matter,” isn’t because they see it as a deflection from their cause, but rather because they don’t believe it themselves.

[Note: This post was authored by Matt Palumbo. Follow him on Twitter @MattPalumbo12]

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