Hillary responds to heath concerns with RIDICULOUS “announcement”

Concerns over Hillary Clinton’s health have been plaguing her campaign for the past month, and those who once expressed concern that John McCain wasn’t fit enough to be president are now dismissing the Hillary concerns as “conspiracy.”

These “conspiracies” began propping up when the Drudge Report recently posted a photo of Hillary Clinton appearing to need help up a flight of stairs from her handlers. The photo was taken back in February, but didn’t get any mainstream exposure until recently. Since then, a number of health concerns have emerged, ranging from her stamina and coughing fits, to some who believe Hillary is suffering from seizures.

Well, now she’s going to put all these rumors to rest. What has she done? She went on national television… to open a pickle jar.

Oh ok – I guess that settles that.


Think this will be what shuts down the concerns over her health? Doubtful – if anything, she just gave her critics more firepower.

[Note: This post was authored by The Analytical Economist]


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