BREAKING: FBI investigating both NYT and CNN; liberals PETRIFIED

First they came for Hillary Clinton. With the Democrat National Committee hacked, thousands of emails exposed the cronyism going on behind the scenes at the establishment. Now, potentially those very same hackers are going after another arm of the Democrat establishment – the media. Their goal is likely to expose connections between reporters and their contacts in government, and to show how they manipulate the narrative.

Via Fox News

The FBI is probing a possible cyber breach of numerous company email accounts belonging to New York Times reporters, a law enforcement source close to the investigation told Fox News on Tuesday.

The investigation, which is ongoing, is looking into how and how far the perpetrators infiltrated the Times email accounts in question.

This source could not say exactly how many New York Times email accounts may have been compromised. 

Separately, Fox is told it is too early to make a determination as to who the perpetrators may be or what their motivations are. 

CNN first reported the breach of reporter email accounts and added that other U.S. news organizations were also targeted. The source speaking to Fox News was unaware of other reporters at different agencies who may have been targeted.

According to CNN, the hackers are believed to be of Russian origin, in particular, those working for Russian intelligence.

This story is still developing. Updates will be posted as they’re made available.

[Note: This post was authored by The Analytical Economist]


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