BAD news for Cruz

It’s got to be a good thing for Senator Ted Cruz that he’s not up for re-election until 2018. By then, we’ll be half-way through the term of a new president and the machinations of this election cycle will be a distant memory – like a bad hangover from college days.

Because right now, Cruz is still bearing bruises from his dust-up with Donald Trump and his refusal to fully endorse Trump at the Republican National Convention.

As Dennis Michael Lynch at DML reports, according to a new Gallup poll:

• Cruz’s favorable rating among Republicans at 43%, down from 59%

• Fifty percent of Republicans view Cruz unfavorably
• Among U.S. adults, 29% see him favorably, 58% unfavorably

Per Gallup, Republicans’ views of Texas Sen. Ted Cruz have gotten significantly worse since he refused to endorse Donald Trump at the Republican National Convention, with his favorable rating falling from 59 percent to 43 percent. Now more Republicans have an unfavorable opinion of Cruz than a favorable one, reverting to the pattern seen when he suspended his presidential campaign in early May.


Republicans’ more negative opinions of Cruz have driven his favorable rating among all Americans down to 29 percent from 36 percent in mid-July. His unfavorable rating is up to 58 percent from 49 percent.

cruz favorable

In fact, Cruz has even surpassed Hillary Clinton’s unfavorable rating of 53.5 percent, according to the Real Clear Politics average.

However, Cruz should take heart that his unfavorable rating isn’t as high as the actual Republican candidate for president, Donald Trump, who has an unfavorable rating of 62.7 percent.

Yeah, yeah — polls schmolls. In truth, the only one that really matters is the one on Tuesday, November 8th. And it’s only 77 days away!

[Note: This article was written by Michele Hickford]

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