Video exposes why LIBERALS should be banned from gun ownership

One of the reasons we’ll never see any sort of massive gun control passed in America is because those pushing for it know nothing about guns.

Watch any gun control debate and you’ll notice the pro-gun side naturally has an upper hand, because they tend to be much more knowledgeable on guns in general. You’ll never hear a pro-gun advocate referring to “30 magazine clips,” or “AR-15 shotguns.”

Conservative comedian Steven Crowder did a fantastic video recently exposing how empty the Left’s gun control rhetoric is – especially when it comes to so-called “common sense” gun control. As it turns out, common sense isn’t so common.

Via The Blaze

Crowder recently set up a sidewalk display featuring a display table full of firearms and then took a very funny undercover video documenting how your garden-variety citizen reacted to them. The idea, he said, was “to see what people know — or don’t know — about firearms and just how far they’re willing to give over the reins to the federal government as far as legislation based on that knowledge.”

Backed with a banner advertising his made-up “Citizens Coalition for Common Sense Gun Reform” in the hopes of getting a made-up petition filled with signatures, Crowder tackled buzzwords politicians and pundits toss around such as “assault weapon” and “automatic.”

Beyond people mistakenly believing that “assault weapons” are readily available and used in mass shootings, Crowder began noticing most folks were swayed just by a firearm’s appearance. Crowder asked one man if he didn’t like a particular rifle because of its magazine capacity, but the man replied, “No, just look at it. It’s not a hunting gun.” Most folks didn’t fare any better regarding knowledge about handguns, calibers and even got terms such as “armor piercing” and “hollow point” mixed up.

In the end, Crowder noted that people who’ve “never owned guns, fired guns or even seen guns are the ones most likely to — remarkably quickly — sign petitions to actively ban your guns. These are the same people electing your next president. It’s common sense!”

What a surprise. Of course, these people would be surprised to learn that it’s the scariest guns that kill the fewest number of people (or that semi-automatic doesn’t mean automatic).

Think the facts will change their minds? If they’re basing their opinions on gun control off of something as basic as a guns’ aesthetics, I wouldn’t get your hopes up.

[Note: This post was authored by Matt Palumbo. Follow him on Twitter @MattPalumbo12]


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