Thanks Obama: Look what this man was caught doing in the women’s bathroom

Yesterday, we reported Obama has decreed that bathrooms in around 9,000 federal buildings will no longer have gender-specific bathrooms. Still seems hard to understand why the needs of the 0.3 percent of our population who are transgender must come before the 99.7 percent who are not.

Naturally, this “open bathroom door” policy has exactly the disgusting consequences you would imagine.

As CBS Local in Boston reports, A man was arrested Friday after he allegedly exposed himself inside a women’s bathroom and urinated in the sink.

A Transit Police officer was patrolling the Back Bay station when he was informed a man had just entered the women’s room.

As the officer walked toward the bathroom, 28-year-old Taha Hamid of Dorchester was seen leaving the facility.

The officer was told by a woman that while inside the bathroom, Hamid pulled down his pants and urinated in the sink, saying “This is a man’s bathroom now.”

Hamid was arrested and charged with open and gross lewdness.

Difficult not to make assumptions about Hamid’s general beliefs about women. Of course we wouldn’t want to “profile” and say anything politically incorrect. No, of course not.

Transgender persons have been quietly living amongst us for decades. Somehow they’ve managed to find toilet facilities when they’re out and about. Sexual deviants and rapists have also been living amongst us for decades (in fact, one even lived in the White House for eight years). Why in God’s name are we making things easier for them?

[Note: This article was written by Michele Hickford]


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