Obama IGNORES Louisiana, but look what he got CAUGHT doing before…

As the president who once criticized George W. Bush’s “unconscionable ineptitude” in response to Hurricane Katrina headed out for his sixteen-day vacation, disaster was in store for Louisiana.

Less than a week into Barack Obama’s break, prolonged rainfall caused catastrophic flooding in the southern region of the state. Thus far, over 40,000 homes have been destroyed, and at least thirteen people are dead.

The response from Barack Obama (and Hillary Clinton, for that matter)? Silence. For as much as they loved to criticize Bush’s response to Katrina, at least he had a response. Obama didn’t return from vacation until today (which began August 7th)… so at least it was cut a day short, I guess?

Still, he’s not going to actually visit Louisiana until Tuesday (Donald Trump beat him by a mile on that one), and with that news, let’s refresh our memory on what Obama’s cut his vacations short for in the past.

Via the Gateway Pundit

With the controversy being generated this August by Obama refusing to take a break from his vacation to show presidential support and compassion for the people of Louisiana affected by a record devastating flood, no one in the media has brought up Obama’s 2014 interruption of his vacation.

A Google News search brought back no returns this past week on Obama making a special trip to Washington to attend the “bachelor party” of then White House chef Sam Kass. This is an example of how the media protects Obama.

Flashback to August 2014 when Obama made an expensive quick trip on Air Force One to D.C. The Hill’s Justin Sink wrote about the bogus reasons the administration gave for Obama’s trip: “President Obama went back to his vacation on Martha’s Vineyard Tuesday evening after spending less than 48 hours in Washington, leaving people puzzled over why he came back in the first place. Obama’s two days in Washington were mostly quiet, and concluded with the president receiving his daily national security briefing in the morning and joining Vice President Biden to huddle with members of his economic team in the afternoon.”

And that’s not all. He interrupted his vacation to campaign for Hillary Clinton at a private fundraiser…. a week ago. How’s that for priorities?

[Note: This post was authored by Matt Palumbo. Follow him on Twitter @MattPalumbo12]


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