U.S. gymnast has BIG concern about carrying American flag

As a vertically challenged person, I (Michele Hickford, 4’10”) have to say I can completely relate to this story.

You may have watched the mighty Simone Biles perform at the Olympics in Rio. The 19-year-old won five medals including one bronze (beam) and four gold (vault, floor exercise, team all-around, individual all-around).

Simone Biles has been chosen to be the U.S. flag bearer for the closing ceremony, a lovely honor indeed. There’s only one problem.

Biles is 4’ 8” tall. The flag staff is 9 feet.

“I’m afraid the flag is going to be too heavy for me,” the four-time gold medalist said Sunday per MSN.

“Michael Phelps is so much taller and he seemed to carry it so easily, and I’m very short. So I’m a little worried about that part.”

Actually, the weight of the flag will be fine. The staff weighs 1.8 pounds and the flag itself is .65 pounds. So only about 2½ pounds.

But the flag staff could be a bit cumbersome. At 9 feet long, it’s almost twice as tall as the 4-foot-8 Biles.


Given her strong performance at the games, we’re pretty sure Ms. Biles won’t have any problem controlling the flag. You GO girl!

[Note: This article was written by Michele Hickford]

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