Hillary’s VP asked if she can be trusted, his response says EVERYTHING

Things are not looking good for you as a candidate when your own vice presidential running mate can’t tell the American people whether or not you’re a trustworthy individual.

Yet that’s precisely what’s happened to Hillary Clinton as Tim Kaine made an appearance on Today where he basically danced around the question of whether or not we the people can honestly trust the democratic presidential candidate.

This is pretty bad.

via WZ:

What does it say about Hillary’s personal integrity that her own VP pick doesn’t feel comfortable telling folks she’s the right person for the job and can be trusted?

Well, it pretty much says what all of us already know. Hillary can’t be trusted with the position of dog catcher, let alone president, and any such victory for her in November spells disaster for our nation.

A candidate who has been caught in lie after lie as Hillary has, has disqualified themselves from the office of president based on personal character alone.

Combine that with the mountain of corruption and other seedy business she’s been involved with — like Benghazi — and clearly this isn’t the the kind of leader America needs.

Let’s hope that message sinks in the heads of voters when it comes time to cast a ballot in November.

[Note: This article was written by Michael Cantrell]

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