Black Lives Matter has ASTOUNDING response to Louisiana flooding…

The last time Baton Rouge was in the national headlines — back in July, when a black man was shot by police officers while resisting arrest — Black Lives Matter was all over it.

Now, catastrophic floods — the worst natural disaster to strike the United States since Hurricane Sandy — have devastated the majority-black city of Baton Rouge, leaving at least 13 people dead, an estimated 40,000 houses damaged and some 86,000 people forced to apply for federal disaster aid.

Black Lives Matter surely must be tapping some of its more than $133 million dollars in funding to get down there and do something to help the many black lives affected by this devastation, right?


In fact, the black “rights” group has been rather silent about this current ongoing tragedy afflicting Baton Rouge, the majority black city — and one you might’ve thought the group might feel some affiliation with after the time they’ve spent there.

At least one black Baton Rouge resident is asking, where in the world is Black Lives Matter — or the Black Panthers, for that matter — now?

Via Blue Lives Matter:

“Jiggy” states in the video “Where are the Black Lives Matter and Black Panthers? I ain’t seen one Black Panther boat or one Black Lives Matter boat. All I see is our own people in the city, the wildlife and fisheries, and the police going in and rescuing people.”

He goes on to say “All the drama that was going on with the Alton Sterling killing, they came out with guns ready to go to war. But here we go, all these people flooded out and truly in need of help and we can’t find not one of them.”

Just as Black Lives Matter and other “black power” groups are nowhere to be found on the streets of Chicago, where violence is reaching record levels and claiming black lives by the day — including many children — the group is nowhere to be found in another time of dire need for the black community.

Just like the progressive groups who fund Black Lives Matter — like those backed by billionaire Democrat donor George Soros — black lives only seem to matter when they can be used to push a progressive agenda. Those on the streets of Chicago and the floods of Louisiana don’t appear to cut it.

Meanwhile, guess who IS there on the scene there? Oh yeah, the police — you know, the ones Black Lives Matter rails against? Yeah.

[Note: This article was written by Michelle Jesse, Associate Editor]

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