Forget golf: Look what Obama’s been up to while Louisiana floods and Milwaukee riots

While folks have been dying in Louisiana floods and violent race riots and protests have once again raged in a racially divided America, our commander in chief is hard at work, partying it up with late nights in Martha’s Vineyard.

Must be nice to have the time and unlimited tax dollars to enjoy a night out on the town while the country burns, wouldn’t you say?

The Free Beacon reports, While communities in southern Louisiana struggle to recover from devastating floods that have killed at least nine people and violent unrest between protesters and police begins to settle in Milwaukee, President Obama is celebrating his second week of vacation on Martha’s Vineyard.

Obama, who is on his final summer retreat to the Massachusetts island as president, has spent almost every night out on the town for unusually late hours, the Associated Press reported Tuesday.

On Sunday, as protesters hurled rocks at Milwaukee police officers to protest the shooting of an armed black man, Obama gathered his security and press entourage to go out at nearly 11 p.m. for an “unspecified ‘social event.’” He returned home just before 1 a.m. Monday and played a round of golf later that day, his seventh of his trip since arriving on Aug. 6. Obama was on the golf course for five hours earlier in the day on Sunday.

Despite taking a brief break from his vacation to attend a Hillary Clinton fundraiser on Monday, Obama has yet to comment on the Louisiana flooding and the ongoing unrest in Milwaukee. He did upgrade the emergency declaration for Louisiana to a major disaster declaration, authorizing federal authorities to respond with aid.

“Although Michelle is very strict about me actually taking a vacation when I get a vacation, she gave me a special dispensation for this evening because she understands, just as all of you understand, how important this is,” Obama said in Chilmark of Clinton’s presidential campaign at the fundraiser.

Someone who holds an office with as much power as that of the president should be an individual with the utmost integrity who is sober-minded about the solemn job duties in his charge.

In other words, anyone who is fit to be in the White House needs to be the exact opposite of Barack Obama, a classic narcissist who is so self-absorbed he doesn’t let any crisis afflicting the nation he serves get in the way of his own personal enjoyment.

Let’s hope the next individual who occupies the Oval Office understands the seriousness of the position they hold and will convey a tone with his own actions that lets the American people know he is with us, our leader, during times of crisis. No matter what festivities of his own the nation’s perils may dampen.

[Note: This article was written by Michael Cantrell]


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