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Adding to its now-expected picking apart and blowing up every word uttered by Donald Trump, the lamestream media is now on a mission to send the message that the GOP candidate has all but already lost the election, with 83 days and four debates (3 presidential, 1 vice presidential) to go. The narrative is bolstered by various polls — some of which, as we’ve pointed out, are not just biased but flat-out cooked in favor of Hillary Clinton.

Sure, all of us by now take a wary eye to any poll, knowing the various factors that can be manipulated to the pollster’s objectives.

But if part of the point of mainstream reporting on polls is boosting one candidate and her supporters and discouraging the opposition, then this new poll is one they’re NOT going to be rushing to talk about. The latest Zogby Analytics online survey shows Democrat Hillary Clinton and Republican Donald Trump in a statistical TIE. Moreover, older millennials are starting to trend towards Trump, along with two other groups who trended in favor of Barack Obama.

As The Washington Examiner reports:

The convention polling bumps for Democrat Hillary Rodham Clinton and Republican Donald Trump are over, and they are practically even, according to a new poll of likely voters.

Zogby Analytics survey provided to Secrets Tuesday shows:

Hillary Clinton 38%

Donald Trump 36%

Libertarian Gary Johnson 8%

Green Party Jill Stein 5%

Not sure 13%

What’s new in the online poll is that older millennials are starting to trend to Trump.

Pollster John Zogby is a specialist in digging into specific voting blocks, some of which he has given names like NASCAR and Weekly Walmart voters. Zogby revealed in the new poll analysis that those two groups of voters trended Democratic under President Obama, but are now behind Trump.

Overall, Zogby said that Clinton leads middle income voters, blacks, women and Hispanics. Trump leads among independents, men and older voters.

The takeaways from Zogby Analytics’ analysis:

— Donald Trump continues to lead among his core groups, which are men, he leads Clinton 41% to 35%. He also leads Clinton among older likely voters such as 50-64 year olds (41%-36%), and those 65+ (44%-36%).

— Trump’s numbers have dipped a little among middle income voters, Hillary Clinton now leads among those voters who earn $35k-50k (38%-37%), $50k-75K (37%-34%) and $75-100k (45-35%). Clinton also leads big among her core base-Millennials 18-29 years old (36%-26%), 18-24 year olds (59%-22%), Hispanics (51%-18%) and African Americans (81%-8%), which is not a big surprise. She has also won back the support of women voters, which Trump had narrowed the gap in our last poll; Clinton is winning among women 42% to 32%.

— Trump has kept the race close by winning Independents. He is winning Independents 32% to 26% and has also closed the gap among older Millennials. Trump is tied with Clinton at 30% among 25-34 year old voters.

As we’ve posited previously, some speculate that online polls such as this one may provide a more accurate view of voter intent — particularly in polarizing election environment we’re currently experiencing.

It’s often said that elections are won or lost with Independents, so the fact that Trump continues to hold strong with Independents, while closing the gap in other key groups, is an encouraging trend for those of us in the #NeverHillary camp.

And, of course, what none of these polls can account for, besides the debates, are the October surprises. Word is that Julian Assange may be planning one or two, while there appears to be fears in the Clinton camp of what Trump himself may be planning. Let’s face it, when your closet is as chock full of skeletons as the Clintons, you can’t underestimate what might hit you come October.

[Note: This article was written by Michelle Jesse, Associate Editor]



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